How to make your makeup last ALL DAY

mars 13 2021 – Jenny-Paola Tillus

How to make your makeup last ALL DAY

How to make your makeup last ALL DAY


How to make your Makeup last longer


One of the new makeup trends is learning how to make your makeup last longer and stay so clean as if it was just put on. It is one thing to actually put on a nice makeup and entirely another thing to ensure that the makeup still looks as fresh as a new face beat.


Makeup is an art in itself and the act of practicing makeup in a professional and clean fashion is not easy feat, it requires great skill, effort, sometimes experience and most of all; you will need to have an artistic side in order to perfectly execute a flawless face beat. 


Now, notwithstanding the amount of care and skill required to apply makeup, you will also need to ensure that the makeup you have artistically crafted stays fresh and lasts longer.

This may seem like a really difficult thing to do but it can actually easily achieved because I’ve got you! 

There are some some tips that you can incorporate when applying your makeup, they are well guaranteed to ensure that your makeup not only stays clean but also lasts longer while staying as fresh as possible. Some of them are:


  1. Prep your skin.

Prepping your skin can be done by regularly washing your face in order to get it free from dirt, sweat and sebum, this can be done using a cleanser. In addition it is essential that you gently exfoliate few times in a week (exfoliating twice a week is okay), exfoliating helps to remove the dead skin cells on your face thereby creating a smoother and shinier surface so that your makeup can be applied better.


  1. Hydrate and moisturize your skin.


After you have exfoliated your skin, you can then move on to the next step which is to hydrate your skin. Hydrating your skin helps to ensure that your skin presents a clean base for the makeup to be applied on.

Even oily skin needs to be moisturized so this is a very important step that should not be missed no matter your skin type, if you have an oily skin you can use an oil free or gel moisturizer (this will help to control oil while minimizing shine on your face) and if you have dry skin you can get a nourishing moisturizer.

The importance of moisturizing your skin is to make sure that your face has a protective base for your makeup to be applied on so it is essential that your moisturizer must contain an SPF of at least 30.


  1. Apply a primer before putting on makeup.


Applying a primer after moisturizing your face helps in sealing in the moisture that is already in your skin, it is really light on your skin and it also plays a lot of roles such as minimizing your pores, keeping your makeup from being absorbed and most importantly, it helps to grip and make your makeup stay on for longer.

To fully maximize the benefits of primers, you will have to pick one that works best for you as there are different kinds; some primers are known to brighten dehydrated skins while others can help to reduce redness on the skin so the functions your primer plays will fully depend on the kind of primer you decide to get and use when applying your makeup (if you have dry skin, it is best that you get a primer that tends to hydrate your skin and if you have an oily skin, it is best for you to get a mattifying primer as this will reduce the oiliness of your skin).


  1. Use a setting powder and a setting spray after applying your makeup.


After applying your makeup, you will need to set it by either using a setting powder or a setting spray. Setting your makeup using a powder or spray will help to give your skin a smooth and dewy finish.

Setting powders and setting sprays have a similar function but they operate in quite different ways; A setting powder helps to prevent the melting of the liquid products applied on your face (this process can also be referred to as ‘baking’), while a setting spray is spritzed on the face and is left to dry, doing this tends to remove the powdery look gotten from the setting powder while transforming your look into a more dewy form.

Now, there are two kinds of setting sprays; the finishing sprays and the fixing sprays. Figuring out the one that works best for you will be a major game changer in helping your makeup last longer.


  • Finishing sprays are moisturizing setting sprays so they help in retaining moisture on your face and when used your face has a more dewy and natural look than powdery.

Also, finishing sprays are mostly alcohol free.

  • Fixing sprays on the other hand help your makeup stay on longer as they are more drying than finishing sprays but they retain a natural look while eliminating a powdery appearance.

They contain alcohol and this helps to create a form of shield on your face to prevent your makeup from falling apart due to sweat or creases.

To distinguish between these two kinds of setting sprays, you will need to carefully check the ingredients as only one kind of setting spray contains alcohol (Fixing sprays), so if you pick up a setting spray and you see PVP or AMP as one of the first 5 ingredients, that automatically means that you have picked up a fixing spray.

The best ways to use your setting spray is to spritz in an X formation or a T formation, spritzing your face in either of these manners helps to ensure that your entire face is covered with the setting spray. After spritzing, you will need to have some form of wind or air that will help your setting spray dry quickly and seal in your makeup.

  1. Avoid touching your face.

Now that you have achieved an amazing makeup beat, you will also need to work actively and do your best to avoid touching your face because every time you touch your face, there is a tendency that your makeup will eventually get smudged and this will ruin all the hard work that has been put into getting a clean face beat.


  1. Don’t be caught unfresh.

Before leaving, carry extra products in your bag in case you need to freshen up during the day. The products you will need to have handy are a lip stick or lip gloss and translucent powder if you have oily skin. Applying this after eating or drinking during the day can help to refresh your look.

These tips can work on any kind of makeup ranging from your normal everyday look to even your wedding day look!

It is only right that your makeup is applied as perfectly as possible on your special day and as long as these steps are religiously followed, your makeup is going to stay flawless and look as fresh as a new face beat.

In addition to incorporating the amazing hacks I have shown you on how to make your makeup last longer, it is also advisable that you eat very healthy, drink a whole lot of water and take care of your skin by having a good skincare routine because as most makeup artists say; ‘Great makeup begins with great skin!’.


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