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Exclusively designed by ANAIVI, Anaivi premium unforgettable eyelashes are designed with slightly long hairs and stretches toward the end to make the eye beautiful and attractive.


  • Eyelashes are longest at the outer bent and tapers ate inner corner, so creates an alluring and wide-eyed gazed.
  • Gives the perfect balance between natural and starling eye.
  • They are made of handcrafted clear bands and multilayered silk fibers to provide fluffy volume.
  • Make the beautifully fluffy from every angle.
  • It sums up an intense, exaggerated fullness and holds its shape wear after wear.
  • The eyelash unforgettable makes eyes pop in a uniquely striking way.
  • The attached, non-segregated clusters on these eyelashes create a uniform and wonderful effect on the eye.



  • Quantity: 1pair premium lash
  • Eyelash color: Black
How to apply:
  • Firstly, apply glue to the eyelash and place the lashes over your eye from the outside edge.
  • Fix the lashes uniformly on the natural lash line with the aid of a mirror. Smoothly press the lash strip at the two edges and hold them together for few seconds.
  • Apply black eyeliner to tie it all together and to hide the lash strip.
Care and maintenance:
  • Keep your eyelash clean always.
  • Hold and peel the lashes very smoothly while removing them.
  • Try to avoid oil-based eye makeup and remover as these may perish the luster and glaze of the lash.