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These amazingly designed Luxe eyelashes are full-density lashes with cruelty-free hairs of different lengths that create a gorgeous look on any eye size. The Luxe lashes are THE fake lashes for all our brides



The base used in the lash is less dense. Light and comfortable lash that is not heavy on the eye.
Its versatile design gives a stunning eye look.
Extremely soft and flexible.
The separated clusters give a fabulous and spiky effect on the eye.
The luxe eyelash conceals your tired eyes beautifully.
Highly suitable for special occasions, weddings, photoshoots.
The eyelashes can be easily applied with an applicator and mascara-like adhesive.
Give the eyes a youthful look

Quantity: 1pair premium lash
Eyelash Color: Black
How to apply:
Prepare your natural lashes by applying eyeshadow and curl them with mascara.
Hold the lashes using a tweezer, smear a thin line of glue on the lashes with a Q-tip.
Adhere the lash strip at the right place of your lash line and smoothly press it.
Care and maintenance: 
The best way to sustain eyelash extensions is to keep the eyelash clean.
Avoid lash friction.
Treat them very gently with care.
Must remove your lashes before going to sleep.