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These Premium Classic eyelashes are exceptionally designed with full density lashes with extra length and volume curved upwards to create a wild and dramatic effect on every eye.

  • Creates a vintage eye look
  • You can crop the lashes to fit your own lashes but it will ruin the design, so it's better to keep it as it is.
  • Free from cruelty
  • Easy to fix by simply pressing the lash over your eye for few seconds
  • Reusable and easy to apply with proper care
  • Using lash curlers will keep them stable and maintain the standard thickness.
  • Durable, if handled with care, it will last longer, probably till 5-6 wearings.
  • Quantity- 1pair premium classic lash
  • Eyelash color- Black
How to apply:
  • Measure the lashes by placing them against your eyes
  • If it seems to be too wide, trim once from the outer edge.
  • Look into the mirror and place the lash gently and perfectly over the eyelash line by tilting your head downwards.
  • Hold both the lashes together for few seconds to fix it, give more attention to both ends.
Care and maintenance
  • Remove the lashes before going to sleep
  • Avoid using mascara on your eyelashes
  • Remove extra makeup away gently after each wear.
  • Clean your eyelashes regularly
  • Using tweezers to fix eyelashes will make it more durable for multiple applications